5 top gadgets to buy for Valentine’s Day, from rose gold accessories to speakers to set the mood

Jennifer Dudley-Nicholson

FLOWERS, chocolates, and perfume are so passe.

Technology offers a more lasting way to say “I love you,” if only until the next model comes along.

Below are five of the best ways to reward your significant other this Valentine’s Day, from music to serenade them to a camera ready to snap a candlelit dinner portrait.



PowerShot G5X

Not all compact cameras are created equally, and this sharpshooting, enthusiast model from Canon is equipped to capture Valentine’s Day candlelit dinners. The PowerShot G5X uses a one-inch, 20.2-megapixel sensor, offers lowlight shooting up to 12,800 ISO, and a large aperture from f1.8 to 2.8 to let in plenty of light. Its tough body comes with a substantial grip, and plenty of advanced features, including an exposure dial, OLED viewfinder, and articulated 3-inch touchscreen. It also offers NFC and wi-fi connectivity for sharing online. It won’t shoot 4K video, but this is a solid, pocketable shooter.

Rose Gold Watch Band
The Salty Fox

Apple offers a selection of bands for its smartwatch but there’s no rose gold model yet. Australian online retailer The Salty Fox fills the gap with this rose gold Milanese Loop-style band with a magnetic clasp available in two sizes. Despite its lower price, it is similar to Apple’s offering, if thinner, its rose gold is a more traditional hue, and it slots securely into place. Its magnetic closure can catch you by surprise – it attracts other metal objects. Its presentation is spartan, but rose gold fans should appreciate it.

Powerstation 2X

To stay in touch with your Valentine, you need phone power and this redesigned power pack can deliver it without weighing you down. The Mophie Powerstation is smaller than a smartphone, at 119g, but it has the power to fully recharge an Apple iPhone twice over. It packs in a 4000mAh battery with an 2.4-amp output, and can charge everything from earbuds to a hungry tablet. Some may opt for a larger model, but this unobtrusive gadget can save the day.

WAM1500 Wireless Speaker

Should you wish to serenade your date, this speaker has all the angles covered. The baby of Samsung’s Multiroom speaker line, the WAM1500, is designed to deliver omnidirectional sound and it succeeds. Position it in the centre of a room, and music will spread out in all directions. The WAM1500 R1 also offers the Bluetooth and wi-fi connectivity and touch-sensitive controls of its bigger brothers, letting listeners swap to the next track with a swipe.

Play Collection Mouse

A typical computer mouse might not be top of your Valentine’s Day shopping list, but Logitech’s Play Collection is not typical. These wireless, battery-powered mice feature a compact, striking design and ergonomic form. They include fox, monkey, owl and faceted motifs with bold colours. Each arrives with a Bluetooth USB receiver, to ensure your computer can connect to it, and will work with Windows, Mac, Chrome or Linux computers. They are not as well built or rugged as more premium models, but feature the same buttons and zip across the screen.