70,000 gamers are playing the same game of Pokemon simultaneously


OVER the past four days, tens of thousands of Pokemon fans have played the same game of Pokemon Red simultaneously.

TwitchPlaysPokemon is a channel on the video game streaming site Twitch that turns your chat comments into controller inputs, which, with so many people playing translates into hundreds of up, down and starts all happening at once. Gameplay is pretty insane and rarely turns into something smooth and easy, but even so, the gamers have managed to defeat half of the games gym leaders in just under 5 days of playing.

On Friday when the game went live, it had 8000 people playing, but in the 4 days following the game has grown to nearly 75,000 active players.

It’s an impressive feat that the game is still actually functioning with the amount of players that have jumped on board, but this growing number is resulting in a continual difficulty when trying to play. Because of the huge numbers, there’s now lag between chat messages and the inputs being registered, resulting in little Red doing circles and running into walls, even when most people can agree on where to go. In my brief time of playing, we managed to get Red out of Team Rockets base… to then have people drag us back down.

In an interview with gaming site Polygon, the games Aussie creator has said that he or she (they decided to stay anonymous) hopes people will beat the Elite Four, but has doubts whether it will be possible “without much better co-ordination’