Adobe urging users to update Flash after the discovery of threat


IF you have been putting off updating to the latest version of Adobe Flash, now might be a good time.

Adobe is currently urging users to update the program to fix a security flaw discovered by a research firm less than a week ago.

Security firm Fireeye said the vunrability enables hackers to remotely hijack the victim’s computer by using a specially created video file.

Despite being quickly reported to Adobe, it was discovered infamous Chinese hacking group, Advanced Persistent Threat 3, had already been exploiting the flaw through a number of phishing emails.

“This group is one of the more sophisticated threat groups that FireEye Threat Intelligence tracks,” explained FireEye.

“After successfully exploiting a target host, this group will quickly dump credentials, move laterally to additional hosts and install custom backdoors.”

Adobe has since created a patch to rectify the issue.

It can be downloaded using the auto-updated included with Flash.