Apple Is Expected To Give Away Over 5,000 iPhones For Their New And Controversial Marketing Campaign In Australia!


This is one of the most bizarre stories we have ever covered for Apple.

As part of a new private marketing campaign, Apple is working with their trusted distribution partners to increase their market share in Australia by giving away free iPhone 6Ss. At an early stage, only a handful of iPhone 6Ss were given out to a small group of users that were pre-qualified via an online quiz. A well known Australia based company was the official marketing team behind this marketing campaign.

But word got out quickly, and it went viral! Everyone wanted a piece of that pie. Apple and their distribution partners decided to open this to the public for a veryLIMITED TIME to see how they would react towards such an aggressive marketing campaign. The Marketing Director, Mark Richards, said during the interview, “Ever since we’ve opened it to the public in Australia, we’ve given out more than 2000 new iPhone 6S. At first we thought it was getting out of hand, but the reaction and feedback from our new users has been outstanding! When asked how to get access to this exclusive deal, he promptly answered: “Anyone that has access to the website would be granted a free iPhone 6S after the $1.00 shipping fee is paid. To reward early adopters of our brand new phone we will throw in an iPod Shuffle for free as well.”

We interviewed one of the happy new iPhone users: Julie Thomas, 29 years, entered her details at the page where it states “Get the Brand New iPhone 6S” and after 6 working days, She got her iPhone 6S for free in the mail. All she had to do was pay the $1.00 for shipping.

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Julie explained: “I really wanted an iPhone 6S, and I stumbled upon this promotion, so I decided that entering my details won’t take a lot of my time. All I had to do was pay $1 for the shipping cost. This is cheaper than a cup of coffee. Five days later, I check my mail and I was delighted to see a new shiny box with a the Apple logo together with my iPod Shuffle. I gave the iPod Shuffle to my brother as I only needed the phone!”. Said Julie while beaming with a wide smile during the short interview with our journalist.

Apparently, this promotional tactic is a common practice among large companies with big marketing budgets. For example, McDonalds launched a similar campaign in 2013, offering 20,000 free Big Macs on Facebook.

Here’s how Julie got her iPhone 6S for free: (WARNING: this campaign may be ending soon!)

  1. Just click here to visit the official promotion page of the iPhone 6S

  2. Fill in your email address and pay for the $1 shipping fee

  3. Wait up to five or seven days for processing to receive it in the mail.

During this special promotion, you will be getting a brand new iPod Shuffle as well! Your product will be shipped right away after you pay for the $1 shipping cost, and you will receive it within 5-7 business days.

Click here to check whether the promotion is still available

Update: May 3, 2016

Our team felt that the promotion of this iPhone 6S was too good to be true, so we got the link from the relevant distributors. We received the phone yesterday morning! We only paid $1 for the shipping.