It’s been 30 years since Apple’s Mac first came out, here’s a look at its past


IN A green bow-tie and brown suit, a neatly brushed head of hair and an optimistic smile, Steve Jobs knew he was about to change the world.

“Hello, I am Macintosh,” Jobs’ new creation said.

It’s been 30 years since those words were spoken, words that transformed the computer to what it is today.

So what has happened in those 30 years?

1984 – The first Mac

Apple's first Mac introduced us ...

Apple’s first Mac introduced us to a GUI. Source: Supplied

Announced on January 24 after the famous Ridley Scott directed Superbowl ad, the first Mac brought to the world the first graphic user interface (What computers look like now instead of lines of code), it allowed it to be controlled by a mouse and even packed two revolutionary programs in MacWrite word processor and MacPaint.

1986 – Mac gets SCSI

On top of giant the 1MB of RAM, SCSI was introduced which allowed peripherals like printers and harddrives to be connected to the Mac. Mac OS also reached version 3.0 and with it allowed folders to be within one another.

1989 – The first Mac laptop

Apple's first laptop weighed nea...

Apple’s first laptop weighed nearly 8kg! Source: Supplied

While also unveiling the new line of Macs, Steve Jobs introduced the bulky 7.25kg Mac Portable – Apple’s first laptop.

1991 – Apple introduces the PowerBook

The first laptop with a trackpad at the front.

The first laptop with a trackpad at the front. Source: Supplied

The PowerBook was Apple’s laptop line for a number of years, but the 1991 release was particularly important because it was the laptop to have a keyboard at the back and the trackpad at the front.

1994 – The Mac goes to PowerPC

This was the first major transition in the Macs history. The use of the PowerPC chips made the Mac much faster and was a result of an alliance between Apple, Motorola and IBM.

1997 – Jobs starts to turn it all around

Throughout the mid 90s Apple was really struggling after Microsot’s Windows 95 started to take the market, so after Steve Jobs’ return to the company he cuts to one line of PowerPCs and convinces Bill Gates to invest $150 in Apple shares.

1998 – The iMac reinvents Apple

The famous Mac fishbowl.

The famous Mac fishbowl. Source: Supplied

1998 marked the very first iMac, Apple’s famous all-in-one colourful fish bowl. It went against the times by not including a floppy disk drive, but instead included a USB port and easy internet hook up.

2001 – Apple releases OSX

OS X 10.1 is the basis of the Apple OS that we use on todays Macs. At this point, it looked great but was extremely slow and the ‘spinning beach ball of death’ was a phrase many Mac owners got used to saying.

2004 – The first iMac as we know them


This iMac design was the start of the iMac we now know. Source: Supplied

This year marked the release of the first iMac, featuring a similar all-in-one LCD screen design as we have today.

2006 – Apple changes to Intel

Apple finally ditched its incompetent PowerPC platform in favour of Intels superiors Core Duo processors. The iMac, Mac Mini and MacBook Pro were the first to receive it. This also ushered in Boot Camp which allows owners of the Intel Macs to install Windows alongside OS X.

2008 – Apple pulls the MacBook Air out of an envelope

Thin enough to fit in a manilla envelope - Apples MacBo...

Thin enough to fit in a manilla envelope — Apples MacBook Air. Source: Supplied

Apple announced the MacBook Air, the ultra-light, ultra-thin laptop that has changed the industry to this day, forcing laptop makers to slim down and actually make computers portable.

2013 – The new Mac Pro

Apple's new Mac Pro looks more like a time capsule than a com...

Apple’s new Mac Pro looks more like a time capsule than a computer. Source: Supplied

Apple’s new Mac Pro, announced last year has introduced us to a new radical design, perhaps a look at what the future of desktop computers will be?