Men attacked by millions of bugs after walking into a sea cave in New South Wales

Michael Morrow

Attack … Millions of bugs swarm after being disturbed in a NSW sea cave. Picture: YouTube/Bustybilly

THIS is the frightening moment a man got more than he bargained for after his mates dared him to walk through a sea cave south of Sydney.

The video shows a group of men standing on rocks near the NSW town of Narooma, while their friend is egged on to walk from one side of the cave to the other.

“Don’t stop, go, come through, we’ll record it,” one man says.

Within seconds a bug swarm of Biblical proportions erupts from inside the cave engulfing the man who scrambles for cover.

NSW Bug Cave

Before long the cameraman and his mate are also swallowed up by the brown mass.

“Oh yuck, what are they? one man says.

“Probably baby bats.”

The men continue to laugh hysterically before the bugs disappear back into the cave.

By this time, their mate has well and truly exited the cave.