‘Rich kids of London’ sneer at ‘peasants outside Primark’

The Sun

LONDON’S rich kids have set up their own Instagram and Facebook accounts where they refer to their 50,000 followers — who are mostly amused “normal” people — as peasants.

One gent even posted a photo of himself rubbing his suede footwear with a 50 pound ($97) note with the tagline “when a peasant touches your shoes”, The Sun reported.

A thread of images showing flashy transport such as private helicopters and sportscars were posted alongside a caption “back to uni” or “boarding school”.

Photos of receipts are also a popular image to share, with commenters jokingly claiming that a bill for more than £2500 ($4900) was a “small night out”.

Although the glam lifestyle appears to be one of unlimited luxury, the young adults do appear to give up something: their freedom.

Wads of cash that appear to total at least £1000 ($1944) are repeatedly posted with comments such as “why I come home” and ”thanks for the pocket money”.

Birthday cars, piles of limited edition watches and gold bottles of champagne half the size of a person are all flaunted on the pages too.

But some of the users do seem to have a strong disliking for “peasants”.

An image of people standing outside affordable clothing store Primark is captioned “the peasants lining up to go in primark” and another showing a molotov cocktail bottle on fire says “to throw on peasants”.



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