Solar Paper charger is so thin you can slide it between the pages of a book

Natalie Shoemaker

The folks over at Yolk have been working to introduce yet another earth and space-saving solar charger to juice your portable devices. It’s called the Solar Paper solar charger.

Last year, the developers at Yolk had reached out to for crowdfunding through Kickstarter to help get their Solarade projectto consumers. It attracted attention when the company proclaimed it as the world’s smallest solar charger. To their credit, the charger is paper-thin and managed to bring an iPhone up to 100% in just 2 hours in direct sunlight. Their latest device builds on that small design and adds some smart features to make going green even easier.

The most exciting piece is the Solar Paper’s magnetic sides, which allows users to clip on more 2.5 watt panels, stringing them together to make a more powerful charger. The basic 5 watt Paper can charge a smartphone on any sunny day, but a tablet takes a bit more juice and on an overcast day extra panels will help cut charge times significantly.

The clipping mechanism has the added benefit of allowing the panels to be folded together like an accordion, making it collapse and therefore easy to store the device in a book or back pocket. When collapsed, it measures 190 x 90mm (a bit taller than an iPhone 6 Plus) and just 1.1cm deep at its thickest point. It weighs 4 oz.


The developers write that the basic Solar Paper (two 2.5W panels) will charge and iPhone 6 in about 2.5 hours–provided the sun is shinning–which is about the same amount of time it takes when connected to a wall charger. There’s also an LCD amp meter that displays how much current is flowing from the charger at any point in time.

The Solar Paper is water resistant, making it ideal for more outdoorsy types that may want a power solution without having to drag along a weighty number of battery packs. The solar charger includes a USB port for charging any device under the sun.

Yolk’s Solar Paper has already surpassed the original $50,000 goal several times over with still 30 days to go as of this posting. There’s still time to invest in this project on Kickstarter and get a Solar Paper as thanks for your pledge. The panels are expected to be delivered sometime between October or November 2015.