Tech experts create concept video for the iPhone 7 based on rumours circulating design features

Hayley Richardson

IT’S not due to hit the shelves for at least another year, but this new concept video offers an intriguing insight into what the iPhone 7 with iOS 10 may have to offer.

Created by technology experts at German website, the highly-anticipated handset features several futuristic new designs, customisation opportunities and an even slimmer shape.

The team’s version of the device boasts a borderless OLED display with a 5.4-inch, 2048×1080 pixel home screen.

It also features an integrated home button with touch ID, allowing you to open the app you want directly from there.

The intuitive button also recognises swipe gestures — handy if your finger is too big for the ‘back’ button — and when you’re not using it, it disappears.

Kind of looks like the Samsung Galaxy.

Kind of looks like the Samsung Galaxy.

The new handset also provides users with a lot more opportunities to tailor their home screens and increase the size of the dock to contain additional apps.

The standby button on the top of the phone will also become redundant as users can send their devices to sleep simply by double tapping the screen.

It also holds true to recent reports that Apple are radically ditching the headphone jack, instead relying on the Lightning port for audio.

Speaking about their concept video, Steven at iPhone-Tricks explained the motives.

“This is not to be taken as an iPhone 7 leak, but rather as a design study that allows for fantasy and creativity to take over,” he said.

“It is purely hypothetical and aims to please your inner Apple geek.

“However, we do think that our design concept is pretty realistic and might be close to the real iPhone 7, as we have taken multiple recent rumours into account.”