Teen girl allegedly suffers second-degree burns over malfunctioning mobile phone


A TEENAGE girl reportedly suffered second-degree burns after a horrific mobile phone malfunctioning incident.

Gabbie Fedro, a 13-year-old girl from Highland Park in Chicago, was given a T-Mobile LG d500 mobile phone as a Christmas present.

Her mother, Jackie, told Buzzfeed News her daughter was playing with her phone in her room, when suddenly she heard her “screaming hysterically” in pain.

“It’s the worst feeling in the world as a mother to watch your child scream in pain and have no idea how to help her. It took her a good five minutes before she was even able to tell us what had happened.”

“She suffered painful second-degree burns and now will have a scar all the way around her neck.”

Gabbie now has a scar all the way around her neck.

Gabbie now has a scar all the way around her neck.Source:Supplied

Gabbie had been wearing a metal necklace at the time. She said her phone had been plugged into a wall charger, and the electric current had travelled up through her necklace and burned her neck while she was using it.

Jackie said T-Mobile sent Gabbie a new phone and offered to pay for her medical bills, but LG did not respond to her attempts to get in touch.

This isn’t the first time phone chargers have proven dangerous.

Last month, tech giant Apple issued a recall of faulty AC wall plug adapters over fears the device could “break and create a risk of electrical shock if touched”.

In June 2014, a faulty USB phone charger was blamed for the death of mother-of-two Sheryl Anne Aldeguer, after it sent a high current through her body while she was wearing headphones and talking on the phone. In a similar situation, her phone had also been plugged into a wall socket.

The incident sparked a public alert about cheap electronics, and prompted Fair Trading to issue a warning over the sale of unapproved USB chargers in NSW.