The funniest names people give their Wi-Fi


YOU don’t have to name your Wi-Fi network something boring. Below are the funniest names we’ve found, sorted by category.

Some of the Wi-Fi names riff off the acronym LAN, which stands for Local Area Network. It’s

essentially another way of saying your home Wi-Fi network, although it can be other things too.

Ready? Here we go!

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you might like these Wi-Fi names:

* House of LANnister

* King’s LANding

* Winternet is coming

Although perhaps you fancy a Star Wars-themed name ahead of The Force Awakens launch?

* LAN Solo

* LAN shot first

* LANdo Calrissian

If other movie references are more your bag, you could use these:

* The Amazing Spider-LAN

* LAN of Steel

* M. Night ShyamaLAN

It’s entirely possible that you’d rather just troll-o-lol:

* AFP Surveillance Van #314

* Network Error

* Loading…

And finally, for music fans:

* Pretty Fly For A Wi-Fi

* I come from a LAN down under

* Wu Tang LAN (no one will, erm, mess with this one)