Toyota unveils Kikai and S-FR concept cars

Harry Tucker

UNVEILED alongside a lightweight sports car and a futuristic compact SUV, Toyota unveiled a new concept car that shows just what actually goes into your car.

Named the Kikai, the concept is meant to encourage people to appreciate the beauty of machines and the passion behind them.

The car brings what’s usually hidden under panels and metal in cars to the front and centre of the driver and their passengers.

Just about as cool as concept cars come.

Just about as cool as concept cars come.Source:AFP

Toyota said: “While most vehicles conceal their inner workings beneath smooth sheet metal, this concept encourages us to appreciate the complex beauty of the mechanical aspects of cars. More broadly, it reminds us of the appeal of the physical and tactile in a digital age.”

It’s spectacular to look at, with an F1 like cockpit where one person sits in the front and two in the rear. The bottom of the car is transparent so everyone in the car can see the exhaust and underpinnings of the car. Also exposed is the engine, fuel tank and even the suspension arms, showing just how much mechanical work goes into a car.

Unfortunately it will never go on sale.

Unfortunately it will never go on sale.Source:AP

Toyota’s other exciting introduction was an S-FR sports car, which while a concept, is looking very likely to make production.

The tiny sports car will pack a 1.5-litre naturally-aspirated petrol engine, matched exclusively to a manual transmission that will send 97kW to its rear-wheels. That might not sound like much on paper, but that’s only until you see the kerb weight of the car is just 980kg.

Mazda should be worried if this gets the green light.

Mazda should be worried if this gets the green light.Source:AFP

If it does go into production, it will join the 86 as part of Toyota’s three-prong sports car assault, with a more expensive and powerful car set to join them by 2017. The S-FR will sit below the 86 in the sports car range, which means its starting price in Australia will be less than the 86’s $29,990 price tag, making it one of the best value performance cars on the market.

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