YouTube video shows man lifting car unassisted


GOT an issue with a car parked in the wrong place? Maybe this guy can help.

In a video shot in Stockholm, one man shows his incredible strength when he lifts a badly-parked car clean out of a bicycle lane.

Problem solved.

The footage, captured and uploaded to YouTube was an instant hit on Reddit, where more than 5000 people voted on it and left hundreds of comments.

The man’s enviable strength certainly caught the awe of some Reddit users and the ire of others.

Lampmonster1 said: “Honestly, if I could lift a car, I’d be looking for literally any excuse to do it. Same as if I could crush a cue ball with my hand.”

While others believed it was no great feat.

kramfive said: “That’s a ‘90s Fiat Uno IIRC. I could lift one rear corner of that car at 14-15 years old. Dude is huge, but that is a light car.”

The footage was reminiscent of a Mentos television commercial from the 1990s. Of course, that clip was staged.